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How to style a Victorian home

The beauty of a Victorian home is one to behold. These elegant homes built at the turn of the century are teeming with history and architectural authenticity. But how do you style a Victorian home to your taste and stop it from feeling old fashioned or stuffy? Here are just a few tips on how to style your Victorian home today.

Mix and match designs

Accentuating the natural beauty of the Victorian elements of your home can work surprisingly well with modern pieces. Victorian homes tend to have larger rooms than contemporary designs. Statement pieces like sofas, desks, wardrobes and even bathtubs can add an authentic touch to any interior design.

Try the minimalist design of this Cohan Shelving Unit in black, to create a decorative display. Alternatively, for a more dramatic, statement piece try the Fitzroy Antique Mirror Large Coffee Table.

When mixing and matching, every piece needs to have a reason for being in the room, otherwise, the design begins to look cluttered and mismatched.



Most Victorian homes boast gorgeous, high ceilings. So if you want to emphasise your rooms with Victorian touches, one of the best places to start is at the very top. Our collection of chandeliers and pendants blend contemporary design and touches of history to add drama as well as light to any room.

Shaped pendants in geometric styles can add a contemporary edge to a traditional Victorian kitchen. The Ara Set of 3 Silver Ring Pendants if a great choice for a modern twist.

For larger rooms used for entertaining, a chandelier – no matter how demure it maybe – can add a real flair to the room and become one of the central pieces of the interior. Our Venus Nickel Chandelier is certain to be a talking point.

Try pairing it with other accessories in the room of a similar shape to create a running theme in the room.


Decorative touches

If you don’t want to fully lean into the Victorian aesthetic, start with some little decorative touches around the house that allude to a bygone era. Embroidered decorative cushions and pillows or vintage-looking art pieces in black and white are a great place to start. Even china vases and knick-knacks can help add Victorian flair to any room in your home. Our Halcyon Rectangular Blue Velvet Cushion will add detail to any sofa. Also our At The Races framed print will look great in an entrance hallway.



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