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Welcome to Libra Interiors

Born on the hippie trail from Portugal to India, Libra was started over 45 years ago by my parents Joe and Christine McLaughlin. Travelling in a trusty camper van known affectionately as Green Gilbert, they journeyed through what was then Persia and Afghanistan, over the Khyber Pass and onwards to India. Here, they discovered a wealth of exquisite antiques, works of art and talented artisans that had the incredible potential to bring style, beauty and culture to homes across the UK.

Today our curators still gather high-quality pieces from across the globe that cover a wide range of styles, because there is no one aesthetic that we subscribe to – an abundance of multi-layered design is what you’ll discover here instead. We specialise in bringing you the latest trends fused with beautiful one-off antiques and our own exclusive designs.

We work hard to ensure our styling team present our collections to you in a way that will enable you to be your own interior designer. Our intention is that when you shop with us you feel empowered to be daring, enriched by our history and the story behind each of our crafted pieces to create a stylish home that is authentically you.

We hope you enjoy exploring Libra Interiors and come back to visit us again soon.

Paul McLaughlin
Managing Director at Libra Interiors