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“No other brand consistently offers the same level of inspiration, or the same visual excitement, in its product collections and photography. Our website is our showcase for this and will always be brimming with new and beautiful pieces. Add to this lots of useful expert styling tips and advice and you have a place to visit for home styling inspiration every day.”

“We don’t dictate, we simply enable our customers to take as much or as little inspiration as they need. Many will have their own ideas to bring to the mix and that’s something we love.”

“Our customers like to create a wow factor in their homes.”

“Keep on layering is one of our most repeated phrases! This way you will create your own unique take on our iconic Libra looks.”


“Using time-honoured skills our Libra artisans and makers create beautifully crafted furniture and accessories that meet the highest quality standards.”

“All of our products meet exacting British quality standards.”

“Our products aren’t just all about a stylish look, they’re made to last so that you can keep them for as long as you love them. They’ll just grow better with age.”

“Quality is a mindset as much as anything tangible. It’s not settling for second best in what you offer, it’s treating people fairly and with respect and it’s always asking, ‘how can we do better?”


“Libra has an entry point for everyone. It’s something we’re proud of because we believe that quality and style should be available to everyone. We want everyone to be able to buy into the magic of the Libra look.”

“You can buy one small treasure or a whole new room.”

“Start with some simple key pieces then layer-up your look over time.”

“Anyone who understands style knows that it’s not about how much money you spend, it’s about how you put things together. That’s why Libra has something for everybody both in style and in price.”




“Libra’s been a family-owned business for nearly 50 years. It’s continued to grow because it’s done the right thing by its customers, its employees and its suppliers.”

“Libra started life as a trade-only brand, supplying our products to a wide range of high-quality independent retailers and quality high street retail brands such as John Lewis. It has now, for the first time, brought its full collection online for consumers to enjoy.”

“Transparency, honesty and fairness have been the cornerstone of our growth from a small family business to becoming one of the UK’s leading interiors retailers.”

“We continuously reinvest in improving our customer offer, whether through product development, great staff training or perfecting our ordering and delivery services.”

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