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The Savoy Theme

Let Libra introduce you to our sophisticated Savoy theme. This collection is sure to make a statement within your home interior.

Embracing the trend for precious metals, our Savoy theme champions the beauty and opulence that gold and brass finishes bring to a room.

Brimming with character, this timeless theme plays with a variety of forms, from bold geometric structures to sinuous curves.

Oversized gilded furniture designs demand attention in any room, especially when paired with striking natural marbles and agates. Adding a splash of eccentricity, our Savoy theme features a huge assortment of botanically inspired animal accessories and furniture, perfectly uniting the magnificence of gold with creative individuality.



There is something for everyone whether you are looking to completely redesign a room or incorporate our unique accessories throughout your home.

We have selected some of our favourite products for you to spark some inspiration.


If you love the gold and brass finishes we have made it available for you to shop by theme. Click here so shop all products from Savoy.


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