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How To Style Your Garden And Garden Room Spaces

With the first signs of spring making themselves known, it’s time to get our outdoor spaces ready for gatherings to come.

To get you started, we’ve rounded-up some of our top tips for styling your gardens and garden rooms so that when the time arrives, you’re all set up and ready to go.

Garden Styling Tips

Consider your arrangement

Think about the layout of your space – not only from an aesthetic point of view but from a social one too. If you’re hosting friends and family, you’ll need a mix of seating options, whether that’s a combination of sofas and chairs grouped to allow the easy flow of conversation, or a set of dining chairs gathered round a table for long summer suppers.

Blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors

Don’t be afraid to bring indoor pieces outside to create a cosy seating area or a statement tablescape. Cushions, throws, vases and tableware can all be used to add colour and character to your set up. There’s often a view that you need a separate set of things for outdoor use, but why not use your loveliest china and favourite candle holders? It’s time to throw caution to the wind.

Many of our rugs are made from polyethylene – a clever material made from recycled plastic water bottles and many of our table surfaces are lacquered which means they sit well either indoors or outdoors.

Create ambience with candlelight

There’s nothing quite like catching-up with old friends over a bottle of wine on a balmy summer’s evening and candlelight is the perfect addition. Hurricane lanterns will protect the flame from the breeze and when grouped in a set of three will cast a magical glow that will last for hours.

Garden Room Styling Tips

Use plants to create an indoor/outdoor vibe

Garden rooms are the perfect halfway-house between your main living spaces and the great outdoors, so filling them with gorgeous greenery is the perfect way to emphasise this feature. From olive trees and bougainvillea to tropical plants and cacti, you can use plants to create a backdrop to your look – whether Mediterranean or Mexican.

Embrace rattan and bamboo furniture

Garden rooms and rattan furniture go hand in hand thanks in part to its organic nature, but also thanks to its laid-back look and feel. It’s neutral colouring makes it a brilliant base for layering colours and textures so you can take the space in whichever direction you choose. Use cushions, throws and rugs to add softness to your scheme.

Introduce a mix of lighting

As with any other room, getting the lighting right is key to creating a relaxing space that you want to spend time in. Even if your garden room gets plenty of sun, electric lighting will offer added warmth on overcast days and, of course, enable you to entertain in the evening.

Pendant lighting looks wonderful when hung over a dining table, but if you don’t have the space then wall lights or sconces are an excellent alternative. Floor and table lamps are great for seating areas and will give off a beautifully soft diffused light.

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