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How to Declutter Your Space

The start of a new year is the perfect time to have a good clear out and as we’ll be spending most of our time at home in the next few weeks, there is no better time to get on top of your clutter.

As well having an impact on how your home looks and feels, a tidy space can also have a huge effect on your mental wellbeing. As the saying goes: tidy house, tidy mind.

Your home should be a space where you can relax and unwind, surrounded by things that you love. When clutter builds-up, rooms start to feel messy and overcrowded and all the decorative features that you’ve so carefully curated can easily get lost.

To help you channel your inner Marie Kondo, we’ve shared our top three tips for tackling the clutter:

  1. Throw out what you don’t need
  2. Take stock of what you have
  3. Invest in good storage

1 / Throw out what you don’t need

First things first, it’s always worth having a big clear out of stuff that you no longer need or use.

Empty out cupboards and drawers so that you can assess everything properly. It’s tempting to skip this stage to avoid creating further mess, but this tends to leave the job half done. Pull it all out.

 If it’s rubbish, then bin it or recycle it. If it’s still working, then either donate it to a charity shop or consider selling it on eBay or Facebook Market place.

2 / Take stock of what you do have

Once you’ve removed what you no longer want, it’s worth taking stock of what you’ve got and how you want to organise it. What items to you really love and want on display? What items do you use on a regular basis? What can be stowed away for occasional or seasonal use?

Each item should have a proper home, be it shelf, hook, tray, or drawer. If it’s got a defined spot where it lives, it’s not only easier to find but easy to put away too.

Taking the time to think both about how you want your space to look and how you regularly use it will help it to stay tidy for longer.  

3 / Invest in good storage

Good storage is absolutely key and will make the job of decluttering considerably easier.

Again, before you launch into anything, really think about what you need from a piece of storage. Are you looking for drawers and cupboards to tidy things away, out of sight? Or are you looking for shelves to display much-loved books, sculptures and photo frames?

A mix of the two usually does the job and don’t forget smaller pieces, such as boxes and trays. Trays are one of our favourite ways of keeping spaces such as coffee tables or hallway surfaces tidy and ordered.

To get you stated, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite designs.

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Cabinets and Drawers


Trunks and Trays

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